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PlannerPress Dashbox!

 I’m so excited to bring you this next shop.  Back in April, Savannah from @PlannerPress, messaged me on Instagram that she was coming out with a new box called “The Dashbox.” I was very intrigued and couldn’t wait to see what this was all about.  If you are like most planner addicts, you love to change out dividers, vellum and acetate regularly – so why not use a shop that does all the work for you?  The Planner Press box includes:

Upon receiving the June box I was blown away! I couldn’t believe how beautiful everything was.  I immediately decked out my travelers notebook using it all.  So of course I knew I would love July’s kit! Since I’m currently not using a Travelers Notebook but my kit is pocket size, I’ve added all the dashes to my journaling Foxy Notebook that I use to write to my kids. I then took the stickers and all the divider labels and used them in my Ring Bound Foxy Fix.

Savannah offers the Dashbox in a variety of sizes.  You can change your subscription once a month and have multiple subs for all your planner sizes. It’s genius! Here is the breakdown:


This is by far my favorite monthly sub. This subscription has grown so fast in just two months that eventually subs will be capped and it will be one out one in for new subscriptions.  You can cancel anytime before the 8th of the month. All shipping info, pricing and how to sign up will be provided by clicking the link below.

I highly recommend this kit and can’t wait to see what Savannah has in store for August. In the mean time, check out my July kit. It’s stunning!


So who’s running to sign up? Are you already subscribed? Let me know in the comments below which size you plan to get. To see more examples of how I am using Planner Press, check out my Instagram 🙂

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