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My need to Simplify

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by having so much planner stuff?  I have always used some sort of planner, often one that’s a bit overly embellished.  In the past four years of being active on Instagram I have used many different planners and am known to change them out frequently.  I know, I know… you all are thinking, “There goes Kerri using yet another planner!” But seriously, wait until you see my current setup.  You might just agree with this change…

First, let me start by saying I love all the pretty stickers, dashboards, and planner kits out there. If you have seen my recent pocket setup you would see that it is all decked out with embellishments! So why the big change?  Why the need to simplify? Well, this is a personal thing.

One might think that having an Instagram, YouTube channel, a million different planner setups, and blog takes up a lot of your time. But in all honesty, as a mom of four my time for planning is limited.  I can’t spend all day with planners and all their possible accessories.  I often find myself cramming my planner time in between school drop offs, or at night when I should be sleeping.  For the pictures I post,  I usually lay down a blanket and take a bunch of shots at once just to have them on my phone and ready to post. Now that summer vacation has arrived and the kids are home, I need to simplify my life.

For me the less consuming but really enjoyable part of social media is interacting with my Instagram followers.  The other part I enjoy, but more time consuming, is making my planner just perfect…only to completely change my setup a week later.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love a decorated planner with all the pretty embellishments, but lately I feel the need to simplify.

So here we go. I need to be real with myself.  What are the bare essentials of a planner for me? I need a monthly view to handle all that goes on with my family.  Such as my husbands schedule, the kids appointments and school events, etc, a notebook to hold important contacts, school info, dentist/doctor info.  I need another book to “brain dump” out my day because I’m definitely a list maker. Lastly, I need a book to jot down monthly bills and keep track of the debits and credits in our checking account.  Thats it! That’s all I really need and that’s exactly what I have decided to do.

I went back and forth on how to present my new setup and finally decided to show you in a few pictures. So without further ado, here is my new setup! I’m pretty happy to have something really functional but that points more of my focus to family rather than having the perfect planner.

I’m more than certain that each scratch came from Violet 🙂 

On the front I have a pocket to hold business cards for future appointments.

I trimmed down one of my Field notes to fit in the passport elastic. This book is used to list out my day.

I love having pics of my family in my planner. Our family hike this past week and the most epic U2 concert ever with my husband!


For my monthly I settled on the undated midori passport insert from amazon.

Tracking my bills on an old insert printable that you can find here.

I had to laminate this leaf from Remy 🙂

He found it in the yard and said it was a heart… and my heart melted!

My catch all book for important numbers, doctors info etc

So tell me, are you changing things up this summer?

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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