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What better than a new planner to bring my blog back from the dead?  I’m sorry I have been MIA, but it has been a busy few months and there hasn’t been anything truly attention grabbing for me to sit down and write.  So you might be wondering what this post is all about. One word… Lush! A stunning new line of planners from my sweet friends over at FoxyFix.

Let me tell you a little back story.  This planner has been in the works for months.  Kelly (owner of FoxyFix) and I were chatting and I told her how much I would love to have an extended large back pocket to tuck odds and ends into.  I was thinking a place to store anything from statements to papers from my kids school, receipts, etc.  They had just received a new leather that they thought could fit the bill for this exact setup! As I said, this was months ago and I have been sitting here not so patiently waiting to see what they would put together.

Well the crew at Foxyfix has worked their magic.  When I saw the temp layout back around June I knew I had to have one! The new planner needed a name and after a few of us bounced some names around “Lush” just came to me. This planner is beyond lush and I will describe my thoughts on this planner shortly.  I was dying for this planner to launch.  I knew that it was going to be released in a gorgeous pink color that they have fittingly called “Ballerina Slipper.”


This brings me to today.  While out in the yard with my kiddos playing, the mail truck approached. Today is Sunday! I knew as soon as I saw the box exactly what was inside was and I had mixed emotions opening the box.  Kelly and I had talked about the design and she wasn’t sure if I would think it was too much leather.  I had chosen an A6 (#3), intending to use it for my Hobonichi planner, along with a few other inserts.

I opened the box, pulled the planner from the dust bag and thought “Wow! That is definitely a big hunk of leather!” I took a few moments squishing it because, trust me, this leather is beyond squishy.  You can fold and roll it in every which way.  I immediately started to fill it with inserts and dashboards.  I tried my overly stuffed hobonichi at first with a few inserts and just didn’t love the fit.  So I grabbed all my Annie Plans Printables and set this baby up!  I think it came out pretty damn perfect!




So here are my thoughts on the planner itself.  It’s amazing! This leather almost reminds me of their moccasin line, with similar texture and leather scent.  There is some definite weight to this planner, so if you are used to their sugar line you will definitely feel the extra weight.  On the plus side this  planner lays flat! Totally flat.  And I love the ease of writing in it.  You do have some good pocket options including adding the card pocket and pen loop.  I usually don’t choose a pen loop because I love my decorative pen clips and usually have 2 to 3 of them on my Foxy notebooks at a time.


The bonus feature to this already amazing notebook is definitely the back pocket.  It really makes the planner.  I’m using it to store papers that I need from my kids’ schools, receipts I need to carry, and a couple sheets of stickers.  You can fold (in the A6 size & bigger) a full sheet of paper and tuck it into the pocket 🙂



Remember there is a planner type and style out there for everyone, you just have to find what works for you.  Me, I just try them all.  I try not to take things too seriously and just have fun! Please ask me any and all questions about this planner below. I look forward to chatting!

Be on the look out for more colors! Here is a sneak look!



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  1. This TN looks fabulous. I’ve seen the big back pocket on ring planners from some high-end planner manufacturers, but was never ‘feeling’ their TN’s. This will give me the best of both worlds!!

  2. the way you set up is so inspiring! thank you for helping me decide which foxy fix will be my first! 🙂

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