About Me

Hi, I’m Kerri.

I’m a happy wife and mama of four! I am obsessed with planners and enjoy all things related to stationery. Despite having enjoyed using Instagram as an outlet for my planner obsession, I have decided to branch out into this so called blogging world!

For as long as I can remember I have loved planners, pens, washi tape and stickers. A few years ago I decided to venture into an unknown world called the planner community and have never looked back.

As a mom of four, my day is no short of chaos! Sure, I could enter all those appointments, bills and special events into my iPhone, but what’s the fun in that? I’m a pen and paper kind of girl! I’ll admit, I’ve forgotten an early release day at the elementary school here and there with my constantly changing planner rotation, but the joy of paper planning is like no other.

My four awesome, albeit sometimes patience testing kiddos are; Ryan – 6, Lila Grace – 5, Remy – 3 and little miss Violet, who rules the house with an iron fist at the age of 1. My husband of 10 years is also Ryan, and is a hard working anesthesiologist and amazing father. We have a 6 lb Miniature Pinscher named Penelope and big baby of a Doberman named Otto.  We call the great state of New Hampshire our home, where we are raising our babies and enjoying the adventures of life!

So much more I could type, but let’s just leave it here for now…