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Once More With LOVE

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.. my doodle sticker infatuation is real! Being on Instagram for the past four years I have seen many talented sticker shops and Marg’s shop, Once More With Love, is one of them.  I finally (yes, I know…finally) made my first purchase at the beginning of the month… Read More Once More With LOVE

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My Planner Sections

If you are like me, you enjoy picking up a single planner knowing that everything you might need is in one place.  While I may have several planners in my collection, I’m truly a one planner girl.  From finance to notes it is all in the single planner that I am using at the time.… Read More My Planner Sections

Planner Shops

Pigtails And Pockets

Attention paperclip obsessed friends… I have just the shop for you!  After making my third purchase from Rachel, the owner of Pigtails & Pockets, I am thrilled to feature her shop as today’s post! If you are like me and love to dress your planner up with cute embellishments, charms and clips, you will love this… Read More Pigtails And Pockets

Planner Shops

Glitter and Chai Sticker Shop

Throughout my blogging I will be bringing you shops that I truly love and enjoy using.  I’m on a bit of a doodle kick right now, as I am sure you will start to notice.   Who doesn’t love an adorable little bear holding different props?  I have been a long time follower of Meghan,… Read More Glitter and Chai Sticker Shop

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You found a planner.. Now what?

For me, finding a planner has always come easy.  Initially, the hardest part was finding all of those essential inserts and accessories that go inside.  Of course you could always go with a planner from someone like Erin Condren, Happy Planner and Emily Ley which basically come ready for use.  But what about traveler’s notebooks and… Read More You found a planner.. Now what?

Planner Shops

Whimsy Delight Co. ~Planner Accessories~

As I browse Instagram and Etsy I often discover new (and older) shops that grab my attention.  For about a week I kept seeing adorable charms from this little shop, @whimsydelightco.  A few of my girlfriends had made purchases from Amber and after seeing the items they received I hopped right over to her shop! Amber,… Read More Whimsy Delight Co. ~Planner Accessories~

Planner Shops

The Coffeemonsterzs Co.Sticker Shop

I’ve gone back and forth with how I wanted to share items that I purchase.  There are so many shops in the planner community and some that I really love! If you’ve followed me on Instagram, you know I make just a few purchases, LOL.  So I’ve decided to make a whole category of its… Read More The Coffeemonsterzs Co.Sticker Shop

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Choosing the right planner…is there really planner peace?

This may end up being one of my wordier blog posts, as there is a great deal of info I have accumulated over the past four years in the planner community.  So, let’s start with a little back story first. I’ve always owned some sort of planner, like ones from staples, target or even that… Read More Choosing the right planner…is there really planner peace?


Botanical Spring 6 Elastic, by Foxy Fix

Have you ever purchased a planner that you never thought you needed??  Well, that’s what just arrived today! My girlfriend Tiffany, @mermaidlifeplans on Instagram, text me saying that she purchased the Botanical Spring from Foxy Fix and that I needed to get one as well.  She shot over a picture from @pigtailsandpockets and I was SOLD!… Read More Botanical Spring 6 Elastic, by Foxy Fix

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Welcome to my page!

  Welcome to iheart2plan! This site is my little happy place to share my planner obsession & family.  I am looking forward to sharing how I organize my days using a variety of planners.  As a mother of four little ones, I am always on the go.  Planning is what keeps me focused, most of… Read More Welcome to my page!